As an independent school and 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, NCRC is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees. The Board governs the affairs of the school in close partnership with the Head of School and top administrators. The Board is not involved in the day-to-day management of the school, but rather works to assure that NCRC—a model of independent early education—is fiscally sound and operating in accord with its Strategic Plan, and stated mission.

NCRC’s Board of Trustees meets at least 10 times during the school year as a full group. Additionally, within the Board of Trustees, there are 8 subcommittees: Executive, Trustee, Finance, Audit, Advancement, Communications and Community, Special Needs Initiatives Committee (SNIC), and Diversity, Inclusion, Cultural Competence and Equity Committee (DICE). In addition to participating in the regularly scheduled Board Meetings with the entire Board, Trustees actively participate in regularly scheduled sub-committee meetings.

Executive Committee

Rachel Vogelstein (Board Chair)

Lisa Palmer (Vice Chair)

Dina Tilghman (Secretary)

Alexis Juneja (Treasurer)

David Lashway (Liaison to Advancement)

Patricia Berl (Former Head)

Danielle Conley (Member at Large)


Rachna Bhatt

James S. Carroll(Head of School)

Robert Crawford

Shannon Curvey

Jen Dryer

Deborah Foster

Nancy Herman

Jay Hulme (Board Counsel)

Katie Jack (PA President)

June Kress

David Lee

Nancy Meakem

Andrea Orr

Suhitha Reddy

Steven Tejada

George York