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Our Story

In the beginning, the study of children's behavior was anything but commonplace.

Nevertheless, interest in child study and parent education led representatives of eight organizations to obtain a three-year grant from the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial to begin what was then known as Washington Child Research Center. When the grant ended in 1931, parents were faced with losing their children’s school. With more determination than funds, they came together to purchase a home at NCRC’s current campus establishing itself as an independent preschool and leader in early education.

Today, NCRC continues to be inspired and tempered by the wisdom and experience of over 90 years, sharing its long-standing model of a play-based preschool program with others. The school’s early mission remains almost identical to that of today: a curriculum rooted in early child development; parent education; outstanding faculty; inclusion of children with special needs; and the implementation of appropriate, cutting-edge research.

As the oldest continuously operating preschool in the District of Columbia, we are proud to give all children an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Our Timeline

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