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Strategic Plan 2022–2028

Click the above photo to read NCRC's Strategic Plan.

Looking ahead to the school’s centennial in 2028, NCRC’s leadership embarked on a two-year journey of deliberation, discussion, review, and research to develop a strategic plan for the school that would:

  • Reaffirm and refine the school’s Mission
  • Strengthen and expand the school’s leadership in the early childhood education arena
  • Underscore, enhance, and communicate the programs and practices at NCRC that are unique amongst preschools

Over the course of the next six years, NCRC will draw on the collective knowledge, resources, experiences, and partnerships of its faculty and staff to refine the school’s pioneering model of inclusive, play-based early childhood education and better educate the broader community about it, solidifying the National Child Research Center as the learning community of choice for children, parents, and educators alike.

Throughout execution of this Strategic Plan, three principles will guide all work:

  • An NCRC student’s learning experience requires an environment grounded in the fundamental values of respect, diversity, and the inclusion of children who benefit from additional supports and adaptations.
  • To fulfill the promise of its mission, NCRC must continue to attract, develop, and retain world-class faculty who leverage early learning best practices, research, and are leaders in early childhood education.
  • Robust financial stewardship is essential to strengthening NCRC’s program and enhancing its near century-long commitment as a champion of early childhood education.

NCRC is grateful for the support and significant input provided by the NCRC Board of Trustees, school leadership, faculty, the broader school community, and a team of consulting volunteers from Compass.