Alumni & Parents of Alumni

"We are so grateful to this school. Many of our family's friendships have been formed here. Back then, I would've described NCRC as 'wow.' Now I describe it as 'family."


Since 1928, thousands of children have had the chance to come to NCRC, and that growing community of alumni and parents of alumni continues to support NCRC’s mission year after year.

Through reunion events and classroom visits, our alumni - and their parents - connect to memories of preschool and to old friends, and even to come back and enroll their own children. Alumni families are always welcome at NCRC.

Alumni attend annual traditions such as Pumpkin Party, Family Work Day and Winter Celebration. Parents of alumni reconnect over cocktails at the Tuition Assistance Auction. Others continue to support the school through annual giving.

Whatever the occasion, you are always welcome back to NCRC, and we are eager to stay in touch.

As a middle school, high school and college alumni, there are lots of ways to stay connected to NCRC:

  • Visit NCRC on your days off from school to read to a class
  • Volunteer with preparation for NCRC's 90th Anniversary
  • Send us updates - pictures, brief narratives about the amazing things you are up to at your new school, college, or job, wedding announcements and baby news, too!
  • Stay up to date with NCRC on our news page [>>>]
  • Apply to become a Rainbow Camp summer counselor [>>>] (college-age alumni only)

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