Grandparents are a unique gift, providing wisdom and perspective wrapped in unconditional love. Grandparents can be the special friends who listen without judgment and speak from the heart.

Whether you regularly drop off or pick up your preschooler, or occasionally visit from out of town, know that your involvement in your young one’s classroom experience is memorable and meaningful.

Aside from the events highlighted below, grandparents are always welcome to coordinate with teachers to come in and read to the class, share a tradition or skill, and see your grandchildren playing, learning and growing!

Grandparents may also choose to join the community for other community-wide events: Pumpkin Party, Winter Celebration, Pajama Picnic, and the annual Tuition Assistance Auction in February (that is, if you haven’t already been enlisted to watch your grandchildren for the evening).

Grandparent Scholar Series

Check back soon for information on our Scholar Series for the 2018-2019 school year

Past Topics

  • The Value of Disappointments and Blessings
  • Sharing Memories and Imparting Wisdom
  • Resilience in the Preschool Years
  • Current state of the media & how we get our news (Speaker: Dina Cappiello)
  • Conversation with Rachel Vogelstein, Senior Fellow and Director of Women and Foreign Policy Programs at the Council of Foreign Relations
  • Neuroscience in the Nursery
  • How Boys & Girls are Wired Differently
  • The inequality in the lives of children in the US and around the world (Speaker: Maxine Freund)
  • A Discussion with the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development
  • A Conversation with Political Strategist, David Plouffe
  • Why It Takes a Village: "Granparenthood" Then and Now

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