"Social-emotional skills, mindfulness, kindness, character, empathy, and joy are at the heart of NCRC - they are the essence of what children learn and carry with them as they grow."

We find the best way to engage and encourage each and every child. Our child-centered program is a play-based curriculum rooted in sound research and developmentally appropriate practices that reveal and enhance each child’s skills.

The curriculum is strategic. It is intentional. It is emergent.

It encourages and channels a child's natural inquisitiveness to foster a lifetime interest in learning and exploring.

From the moment you walk through the door, every aspect of the school is designed to support your child and focus on the important relationships between teachers, children and families.

We Believe In

  • An environment that expands each child’s understanding of the world
  • Encouraging for the development of a positive self-image
  • A curriculum tailored to reflect the interests of children
  • Opportunities for self-expression
  • Enriching classroom experiences through field trips, school assemblies, guest performers, and special activities
  • Imagination and expression through dance, music, movement, art, and drama
  • A truly inclusive setting where a broad range of abilities is accepted as natural and necessary to create a rich tapestry of diversity
  • An appreciation for each family’s culture and customs