NCRC Book Fairs

NCRC participates in two book fairs during the year - one in the winter that takes place at the school, and one in the summer that takes place offsite.

We hope you'll join us to share the gift of reading.

Interested in volunteering at the upcoming Politics & Prose book fair? We'd love your help!

Politics & Prose

Saturday, June 2nd

9am - 10pm

Politics and Prose [5015 Connecticut Ave NW]

Kick off your summer with a book fair at Politics & Prose! Pick up a picture book, a novel, a cookbook or school summer reading. Come by and check out our school's wish list to donate a book(s) to our library and help NCRC continue to challenge our children's intellect, inspire their imagination, and nurture their desire to learn and read.

Mention NCRC to the cashier, and 20% of your purchase will help support NCRC and its Library Program!

Please keep in mind:

  • Forgo membership discounts so that the entire purchase may benefit NCRC
  • You must tell the cashier before the transaction takes place that you would like the proceeds to go toward NCRC
  • Gift certificates, special orders, and coffee house items are excluded from the proceeds

Upshur Street Books

NCRC's Parent Association partnered with Upshur Street Books, a local bookstore, to bring our parents a wonderful book fair. All parents, grandparents and caregivers were welcome to drop in and shop throughout the day.

Whether for your child's personal collection, gifts for family members or friends, some family holiday reading, or to make a gift to NCRC's library - there was something for everyone. Our teachers even handpicked the best titles for your child and any others in your life.

As an added bonus, Upshur Street Books donated 20% of their sales back to NCRC's library!