Dear Child Development Team...

The Beauty of Inclusion

April 25, 2018

Dear CDT,

I am an alum parent but I wanted to let you know about a beautiful moment I had at a park recently. My son continues to work on strengthening his mobility. His gait is improving every day. Last weekend we bumped into another former NCRC family at a park in Maryland. The kids were so excited to see each other. We parents were chatting away and the boys decided to go off to the lakeside to look for frogs.

You may or may not remember that when my son left NCRC his mobility was still sometimes a challenge. He gait was uneven and he moved slowly and carefully. Well, when the boys decided to head toward the lake my son took off running. He now can run in a kind of lopsided way but he has learned to really move fast when he wants to. His friend stopped dead in his tracks when he saw my son running and shouted for my son to ‘wait up’. My son stopped and his friend caught up and threw his arms around him shouting, ‘You can run now! Wahoo that is so awesome!’. Off they ran, hand in hand to the lake side. I looked at the other mom and we laughed. We both had tears streaming down our faces.

I had to share this story with you. It is a perfect example of why inclusion benefits everyone.

Thank you,

Happy Alum

Judith Wides

School Counselor

Marian Brice

Occupational Therapist

Lauren Dewey-Rosenfeld

Speech-Language Pathologist

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