Fathers, Grandfathers, & Fatherly Figures

Inspired by NCRC’s dad-focused programming, the Dads Team is intended to be more than just an opportunity for dads to socialize. It represents an opportunity to deepen and expand ideas generated from the father-child breakfast discussions, as well as to participate in an intentional, reflective process with a focus on fatherhood.

It is a means for dads and their children to participate in a shared experience of community that promotes a core part of the curriculum - building strong self-regulation skills that lead to the development of mindfulness and compassion.

For more information or to get involved, please contact our School Counselor, Judith Wides .

2018-19 Team Coordinators

Samir Bhatt

Christoph Hundack

Patroski Lawson

Nishant Mago

Jason Mitchell

Adam Shoemaker

Giridhar Srinivasan

James S. Carroll, Head of School

Judith Wides, School Counselor

"The father-child breakfast is really a wonderful event that shows you the simple and extraordinary power of convening."


2018-19 Schedule

Father Breakfasts are held in the Motor Room at NCRC Preschool

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