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An inclusive school community broadens each child's perspective and brings added gifts to the program.

NCRC’s inclusive environment educates children of varying levels and abilities. By providing early intervention, individualized goals, and positive modeling, NCRC gives students with special needs the best opportunities for success. NCRC’s inclusion program creates the least restrictive environment, highlights strengths, and helps children reach their full potential. The methods and strategies that are employed for students with special needs also benefit typically developing children by supporting the learning style of each child. The inclusive classroom environment promotes that development of respect, empathy, compassion, and acceptance of all students.

Inclusion at NCRC

Inclusion Programming

Child Development Team (CDT)

NCRC's Inclusion programs are run by the Child Development Team (CDT). The Child Development Team(CDT) supports every child, family, and teacher regarding: Social-Emotional Development, Sensory Regulation, Self-Help skills, Motor skills, and Speech & Language Development throughout their early educational experience.

The Child Development Team is an integral part of NCRC's program for children that require additional supports, including providing weekly enrichment groups for children in the Early Beginnings and Play Pals programs. They also assist in the ILP(Individual Learning Plan) process.

Inclusion & Child Development Team (CDT)