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Prekindergarten Program (Ages 4-5)

The prekindergarten student continues learning about the world through a wider and wider lens.

The prekindergarten program supports children as they dive deeper into their curiosity and further expand their focus and problem-solving skills. Through their play, children develop emergent literacy (pre-reading and pre-writing skills) as well as math and science concepts. As children prepare for ongoing schools, an increase in routines with self-care as well as cooperative play skills are fostered in the classroom. 
Source: Susan Stacey, Emergent Curriculum in Early Childhood

Skill Set & Development Focus
  • Play and work with other children
  • Develop independence with routines and their self-care
  • Through their play, develop emergent literacy (pre-reading and pre-writing skills) and develop math and science concepts
  • “Dive deeper” into their curiosity and further develop their focus and problem-solving skills.


  • Full-Day Program: 8:30 am–3:00pm
  • Later Gators Extended Day Program: 3:00 pm–5:00 pm

All programs participate in the following weekly specials:

  • Music led by Levine School of Music
  • Library
  • Mindful Movement  (integrated program of motor skills, yoga, and mindfullness)