Once Upon a Time

This fun class, for 12 campers, will explore the theme of "story-telling"! The week will allow campers to dive into exploring all of the elements that make a great story: characters, setting, plot, etc. The whole week will build upon the needed aspects of creating a book, authored by the kids of creative camp. Campers will brainstorm a main character, then as the week goes on they will be adding to that character’s story. Aside from that larger project, campers will spend the week reading stories (maybe, bring in their favorites), talking about how to tell good oral stories to each other (at snack and lunch), and how to make good stories into plays (maybe using a puppet stage). It will be a week that ends "Happily Ever After"!

July 22 - 26, 8:30am - 12:30pm

Children ages 3-½ to 5-½ may enroll in this half-day program that includes lunch brought from home. This exciting program offers fun and creative experiences!

* Please note that classes the week of July 22-26, including all Creative Camp Classes, have a minimum enrollment number of 9 campers; Parents will be notified if insufficient enrollment necessitates a class' cancellation, and we will make every effort to find an alternate Creative Camp placement if desired.


2019 Rainbow Camp

June 11 - July 19

*Camp is closed July 4 & 5

2019 Mi Casa & Creative Camp

July 22-26


Mary Farmer, Director of Programs


NCRC closes for weather emergencies or other emergencies that impact the health or safety of our children or staff.